Day 2090 The Game’s Afoot!

The scavenger hunt started at Rembrandt’s Coffee House where we were given a list of directions and clues for the things we were supposed to be looking for. It was really quite a lot of fun although there were too many people for me to actually enjoy it- and I would have liked to take a lot longer looking at everything!

001 Pixel would like to come
Pixel tries to pack himself in the lunch basket and join us!

Text from the scavenger hunt paper authored by Michele Kephart (Director of Marketing & Sales for Bluff View Art District):

    We’re going to wind around the Bluff View Art District today,
    exploring art, food and culture in a whole new way.
    There will be clues to follow with riddles and rhymes;
    take in what’s around you and have a great time!
    While you wander around, you’ll have to think on your feet.
    Your hard work will be rewarded with a sweet treat.


    Leave the wonderful scents of Rembrandt’s Coffee House behind, for the moment, at least.
    Walk out the front door and onto High Street.
    Leap around the first right corner you find
    and into the Newell Fountain courtyard with this in mind:

    I get to spend my days in the Newell Fountain Courtyard watching the pastry and chocolate chefs from my very own fountain. I always look before I leap, and I eat whatever “bugs” me. What am I??

004 Hidden Walk
A hidden walk

003 Secret Fountain
A secret Frog fountain

009 Hidden Stair
A hidden stair

    Leave the courtyard the exact way you came,
    but be sure you turn right if you’re playing this game.
    Get to the corner where things are quite fine,
    you’ll answer the next clue in a matter of time:

    I have a face but no eyes or mouth. I even have arms but can carry nothing. What am I??

007 Clock

    Let’s walk up the road to the famed River Gallery.
    You’ll find artists galore, including the most flowery.
    When you walk through the door, a veterinarian you’ll be,
    list the first three animals you happen to see.

    List three animals you find in the River Gallery.
    (Remember you can always ask the gallery assistants if you need help.)


008 Art Gallery Railing
River Gallery railing

    Keep walking the beat through the gallery floors.
    Walk, walk, walk right through three open doors.
    Look in that room for the most kind of fun.
    Pick up what you need to give your step drum.

    Don’t be shy. These are fun to play! The “Tongue Drums” are the best things for good times each day. There are
    four drums on display. How many keys are in each of the drums?


010 Art Gallery Door
River Gallery doorway

I didn’t think it was good manners to take pictures inside the gallery so there are no pics of the metal animals (Dog, Cat and Rabbit were the first three we saw) or the Tongue Drums (only two left by the time we got there- 12 and 9 keys)

    Fly across the street to the Maclellan House,
    one of three homes in the beautiful Bluff View Inn.
    The red door on this Tudor-style home is where you’ll find this adventure begins.
    When you enter, say hello then go back to the far right,
    the next answer will give you wings to take flight:

    This room is known as the Audubon room. Look around you. What animal do you think Audubon refers to?

011 Audobon room
Audubon room at Bluff View Inn’s MacClellan House

012 Antique Cabinet
MacClellan House front foyer

015 Piano
Beautiful antique piano in the front room

    As you exit the Mac house, go to the Bocce Ball Terrace
    – enjoy the scenic view; you’ll think you’re in Paris.
    The canopy is covered with Wisteria vines.
    What slither y animal does this bring to mind?


016 Terrace overlooking the river
Bocce Court Terrace

017 Bocce Court Terrace
Bocce Court- Loveseats Before and After by Bob Doster

    Go out of the gate and left down the hill toward a fence made of glass.
    Walk down the stairs; be careful, don’t go too fast.
    Peek through the window to continue this game.
    Look very closely to find out my name.
    My job is to take green beans and roast;
    the end result goes well with toast.

    I am big and red. My name is easy to read through the tall glass windows; just look to the right and see.

    What is the name of Rembrandt’s Roasting Company’s coffee roaster?

018 Railing
Maze of Light by Tommy Spake- Glass railing

019 Railing of Glass
Glass railing detail

020 80 foot drop
80 foot drop to the river

021 River
Tennessee River

    We’ll follow the Riverwalk down the hill where we’ll roam.
    We’ll be passing the Martin Mansion, Bluff View Inn’s second home.
    It’s also the place for upscale global cuisine,
    known for its river views; a sight to be seen.
    This is the home of Back Inn Café. Look up on the chimneys.
    Whoo, whoo is watching you today?

    What animal do you see watching you from the Bluff View Inn’s Martin House rooftop?

038 Owl
Owl on the roof top

    Enter the River Gallery Sculpture Garden and wander around.
    Stay as long as you’d like, there’s lots to be found.
    Walk on the path and look at the signs.
    Remember your manners and have a good time.

    Next, let’s play the “hidden picture” game. Find the sculpture “Launch” by Andrew Crawford. What everyday
    tool do you see hidden in this futuristic sculpture?


030 River Gallery Sculpture Garden
River Valley Sculpture Garden

028 Borsippa
Borsippa by Frank Stella

029 Composition 1
Composition 1 by Albert Paley

032 Ucello
Ucello by Arnaldo Pomodoro

031 Walking Jack man
Walking Jackman by Ernest Trova

033 Prodigal Gate
Clay Trellis by Mary Lynn Portera

034 Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son by Leonard Baskin

037 Aria
Aria by Mark di Suvero

035 Black Belt
My Black Belt by Tom Wesselman

026 Garden Walk
Even the path is art!

036 Consanti Bell Assembly
Cosanti Bell Assembly by Paolo Soleri

023 Precipice Star
Precipice Star by John Henry

022 Icarus
Icarus by Russell Whiting (my favorite!)

024 Mother's Little Boy
Mother’s Little Boy by Allan Houser

039 Launch
Launch by Andrew Crawford

    Walk out of the River Gallery Sculpture Garden and across the street.
    Follow your nose to a fresh baked treat.
    Of all the samples you’ve tasted and tried,
    which one would you ask your parent to buy?

    What was your favorite artisan bread at Bluff View Bakery?

027 Bluff View Bakery
Bluff View Bakery- the Challah bread is awesome!

040 Bakery Gates
Bakery gates

    Walk left out of Bluff View Bakery and go past a garage of double doors.
    Take a left up the steps because there’s more to explore.
    Look down, not up, until you get to the top.
    At the big wind sculpture is where this path stops.

    What insect do you think the sculptor of this massive wind sculpture, “Atmosanctum,” was trying to mimic?

041 Pavillion
Atmosanctum by Evan Lewis

042 Forsythia
The smell of forsythia and lilac was very strong in the whole neighbourhood!

    Go out between two brick columns into the middle parking lot.
    Stay close to the building and walk past the big flower pot.
    Tony’s Pasta Shop is Bluff View’s most popular venue.
    To answer the next question, go inside and ask the host for a menu.

    From what European country does Tony’s award-winning cuisine come?

045 Under Tony's Back Stairs
Tony’s Pasta Shop and Trattoria back stairs

046 Back Inn Cafe
Back Inn Cafe

047 Small Tower
Peg Top by Peter McElwain in the parking lot- it looks Russian to me.

    Be patient. Your hunt is almost through. Just fill in the blank to solve this clue. In TC Thompson’s carriage house, Tony’s can be found. The Thompson House makes number (fill in the blank) _______________
    (answer : one, two or three) for Bluff View Inn’s homes on these grounds.

    The last clue is sure to bring a smile to your face for the sweets you will find within,
    you must walk; do not race.
    You will be surprised to find your journey ends where it began.
    If you guessed Rembrandt’s Coffee House we will give you a hand.
    Filled with chocolates, cookies and cakes you are sure to find sweet,
    show your scavenger hunt paper to the first staff member you meet.

Congratualtions to you on a job well done!
Now enjoy a sweet treat from
Bluff View to a very special one …

048 Skateboard
Skateboarder by Teena Stern & Don Haugen

We got back to Rembrandt’s Coffee House and Emily earned herself a chocolate bunny sucker for finding everything!

Of course, once we got home, we had a Sherlock Holmes film festival because we were feeling very detective-ish and I made Tuscan Chicken because we had been head down in Art all day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that looks like a seriously fun and beautiful day!

  2. meguey says:

    Wow, that looks like a seriously fun and beautiful day!

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