Day 7963

It’s Saturday, yay!

I’ve got a tiny bit of laundry to do and one errand to run. Then the rest of the day I intend to split between working on my quilt (because it’s really been suffering from neglect- I’ve been so all about books) and working on gilding practice. I need to figure out if I can use water gilding techniques with stencils to title and decorate the covers of my books.

About books- I’m considering reducing my library by having only one copy of things unless it is leather and then have my good copy and another one that I can loan out, allow Em to read etc. At the moment I’ve got several copies of Tom Sawyer and some of Louisa Mae Alcott’s books- not intentionally, it just happened and I think two copies of anything should be enough. On the other hand, some of my copies of things are very old and sort of fragile- should I let books like that go?

One of the other things I am going to have to do is find the books I want to have in leather that I am intending to bind myself printed on good paper. I have a copy of The Flying Yorkshireman. It’s hardback… but the paper breaks if you bend it, so it’s not worth rebinding even though all the pages are intact right now. And it has been out of print long enough that all the copies are like that. I think what I am going to do is destroy my copy- take it all the way apart, carefully- and copy the pages onto acid free paper. Then resew the new signature pages and bind it. That’s going to be a fairly major project but I think it will be the next one I attempt since I don’t want the paper to degrade any more than it already has.

What were people thinking in the early part of this century to print books on such poor quality paper that they don’t last for even one lifetime?

On the downside, I can’t think of a thing to make for supper tonight. I’ve got a roast but no potatoes or carrots… I suppose I could add those to the list when I go out and make roast tonight and maybe rosemary chicken soup tomorrow. Ideas, anyone?

I did something to my shoulder yesterday that felt like a pulled muscle but I’m not feeling it now and I think the analgesic should have worn off so maybe I didn’t actually damage me again. This would be a nice plus.

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