Day 7947

My day today will be determined by how much work there is to do. I’m hoping that I’m just about wiped out of everything and I have a full day ahead of me. In all events, I’m going to have to take lunch late so I can run to the post office and mail a package from last week’s ebay. Fortunately, when I am cutting fruit, my breaks are when I decide and inconvenience no one.

My ebay auctions are doing ok- I have managed to make enough for the book press now (assuming everybody pays!) but not yet enough for the book press and the Oz books. That would be super nice but I think it’s a little optimistic in spite of still having 5 days to go on the auctions.

I haven’t been talking to 80s much- maybe twice a week- but I’ve been talking a lot more to John and Charles so my phone is not going to get rusty any time soon. Charles has talked me into going to Libertycon on Saturday and Eliz says she is going to go as well. I might even show up with him on Friday- just because it’s easy to freak the mundanes but this is going to be freaking the fans and that’s hard to do! *evil laugh*

Reprinting The Flying Yorkshireman is being more difficult than I originally thought. When I took the book apart, I had planned to copy the pages onto good paper and resew the signatures- not too complex. But I could not get the pages to clean up well enough- they’re so yellowed that I couldn’t just copy them straight. On top of that, I find that the printer had made some errors and had to tip in pages so I needed to rearrange a bunch of the pages in the last two signatures to fix that (and to get rid of a lot of unnecessary blank pages).

So I scrapped the whole bit and started fresh with the text copy from Project Gutenberg. It has the pictures as well so that’s all good. I copied it into Microsoft’s word processor and then the fun began. I’m having to go through and edit the entire book because whoever uploaded it used a text reader and not all the words came through properly. The pictures are not in the right places and are all too big for the text so I’m relocating them and shrinking them to the right size. And, because the book was on line, there are no indents at the beginning of paragraphs so I’m having to add those in as well.

The next snag I hit was one of the software not bending the way I need it to. I can make the pages half sized and print two on a page on the landscape axis. What I can’t do is make the pages non-sequential so that I can organize my signatures as they will have to be. So I’m planning to print out each page on regular white paper and then scan it into PaintShop Pro. Then I can shuffle pages as I need to and add page numbers at the bottom (probably before shuffling) and made the signature pages via printing out my shuffled pages on both sides of a page.

Thank goodness I will not have to do this with every book I want!!

I’ve run into another snag although this one is with quilting. Because I have spent so much time on the phone, I have almost finished the star points on my quilt. The next thing up is the spider webs and I know I sketched out what I want to do- I know I did! But I can’t find the sketch and I can’t remember exactly what I had finally come up with other than it was really really good. I’ve hunted everywhere that I would have been likely to stash such a sketch and have found nothing. I did find the plan I had for the kitty border- which is good- but it’s annoying me that I can’t find my spiderwebs. The worst of it is that I will find it eventually… but not until I’ve quilted at least half of the blocks.

Considering the problems other people have with their lives, I am very happy with my problems.

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