Day 7941

Ebay auctions were not as impressive in the end game as I expected. I’ll probably run a couple of new ones this week.

Yesterday was very full and I did not get everything done that I planned. I did get the recycling and shopping done and then came home and made the torte and the strudel and something else but I ran out of steam before I made the banana bread. So I still have that to do this morning as well as pay bills and make up the packages for Ebay. Only two people have paid… and one of those is my friend John. He won the Schwarzer Mond but since it was re-released just recently again, I knew he would so I took his bottle with me and gave it to him Friday. (If someone else had bid and beaten him, I did have another backup that I was willing to send and just invoice John for a second chance offer.)

A little lopsided…

The recipe actually made eight… but I couldn’t get them all in the pan.

I did have to go get cat food while we were shopping and I also picked up a cat tree/scratching post because Shredder is starting to try her claws on the door frames and, dammit, I just replaced those from the last round of cat destruction. She seems to like it pretty well- of course I couldn’t get a picture of any of them playing on it. 80s screwed it to the floor (under protest- he didn’t want to mess up the flooring) while I was baking so that they can’t turn it over even if they run down the hall and swarm up it at full speed.



Yes, 80s came over yesterday- partly to check on his tomatoes and partly, I think, to assure himself that he hasn’t entirely lost me as a friend. I warned him that I was baking and pretty busy but he came anyway and offered to help anywhere he could. He peeled all the apples for me while I was washing up from the torte, screwed down the cat tree, stirred melting chocolate and generally lent a hand where it was needed.

I think I may have mentioned that a house wren has built a nest in Mom’s paper box. The delivery person has been throwing the paper in the driveway rather than disturb her lately so I managed to get some pictures:




Emily surprised me while we were shopping. She needed a new bathing suit and we found a couple in her size that fit her requirements. She wanted a one piece that didn’t look horrible- no flowers and no stripes. We found two and she went to try them on… and came out declaring that we were not getting a suit for her! I talked her into the one that covered more- apparently the one with no sides and not much back she didn’t like- possibly because that particular design would make anyone who doesn’t have a perfect midsection look chubby. I had really expected to have to talk her out of something too sexy- instead I had to talk her into anything at all!

Ok- on with my busy busy weekend!

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