Day 1602

Well. I was off and then work scheduled me and then told me not to come in and now they just called me to come in as soon as I can get there.

Good God- make up your collective minds- if you can find the tiny little things without microscopes!

Of course, I’m anything but ready and half my uniform is in the washing machine wet so I have just gone from a nice relaxing morning where I thought I might get several signatures done and a nap to rushing to get read asap.

In other news, I have finally discovered where a great many of my ‘misspellings’ come from:

Apparently, I read (both past and present) far too many authors from England and the British Isles that have not been translated. I found the page because I noticed that I had used both ‘plow’ and ‘plough’ in my post of yesterday and was looking for the correct usage since spell check let both of them through. What is truly bizarre is that I typed them within minutes of each other and didn’t notice until I read it over later.

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