Day 1586- very early

I’m quite tired, I expected to get a nap today but somehow, it just never happened. But I am too mad to go to sleep.

80s called about 11:30- which was really too late but ok, I’ll talk for a minute. Except that he picked a fight over whether or not you can write off children’s school supplies on your taxes. No, of course not. But he insists that you can and it deteriorated from there. I kept trying to tell him I needed to go to bed and get off the phone- then I resorted to hanging up on him (not to mention when he was yelling ‘shut up’ at me- I hang up on people who tell me to shut up. If you want an audience for your monologues, go find a mirror.) And he kept calling back.

Emily is, of course, asleep at that hour of the night and I was afraid the incessant phone ringing would wake her up- or the shouting would wake her up- either way, it’s not something anyone over 16 should be doing or dealing with. So I unplugged the phone.

Maybe I am mean or a bitch or stupid… but I am not especially childish or dramatic and I am tired of putting up with someone who is. It is said that it takes two to make a fight- maybe. If so, James is both of them!

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