Day 1586- very early

I’m quite tired, I expected to get a nap today but somehow, it just never happened. But I am too mad to go to sleep.

80s called about 11:30- which was really too late but ok, I’ll talk for a minute. Except that he picked a fight over whether or not you can write off children’s school supplies on your taxes. No, of course not. But he insists that you can and it deteriorated from there. I kept trying to tell him I needed to go to bed and get off the phone- then I resorted to hanging up on him (not to mention when he was yelling ‘shut up’ at me- I hang up on people who tell me to shut up. If you want an audience for your monologues, go find a mirror.) And he kept calling back.

Emily is, of course, asleep at that hour of the night and I was afraid the incessant phone ringing would wake her up- or the shouting would wake her up- either way, it’s not something anyone over 16 should be doing or dealing with. So I unplugged the phone.

Maybe I am mean or a bitch or stupid… but I am not especially childish or dramatic and I am tired of putting up with someone who is. It is said that it takes two to make a fight- maybe. If so, James is both of them!

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7 Responses to Day 1586- very early

  1. I don’t think you are mean or a bitch or stupid! Quite honestly, from what I read in your posts, it sounds like he’s the mean and stupid one. I know it is a difficult thing, but sounds to me like you need to cut him out of your life completely. ((hugs))

  2. outlawpoet says:

    I hate people who can’t end conversations civilly. I just end up walking away from them.

    • wren08 says:

      Short of blocking his phone number, I don’t see how I can! Believe me, I have been trying.

    • cymrullewes says:

      See, when you hang up like that they are convinced that you didn’t end the conversation civilly. So they get upset and it’s a vicious cycle. I get the other person’s attention say good bye, hang up then take the phone off the hook and unplug the handset so I don’t have to hear the phone complain that it is off the hook.
      It’s one reason I don’t give out my phone number but do give out my e-mail address.

  3. zenkitty_714 says:

    Zero tolerance! The FIRST time he shouts at you, or tells you to shut up, or insults you, say Good-bye and hang up, and immediately unplug the phone. Don’t engage with him at all.
    Christ, you’re not obligated to talk to ANYONE. Especially people who call you just to pick a fight.

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