Day 1585 Which diety did I piss off?

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Um, yeah- this is part of why I felt it necessary to migrate.

Yesterday was one of those days. Emily and I went shopping for a few things, took in the recycling and went to see Harry Potter.

Not that we got to see Harry Potter, understand… just as we got to the second theatre (the first one only had one showing and that was at 10pm in 2D) a violent thunderstorm hit. So we ran in, bought tickets for the next 3D showing and decided that, in spite of the cost we would just have our lunch before the movie there as we had about two hours to wait. We were going to have pizza and cheesesticks… but the oven weas having problems. Emily got her pizza, I eventually got my pizza mostly done but they couldn’t convince the oven to make our cheese sticks. After 45 minutes, I told the girl to go ahead and refund me and don’t worry about it- the poor thing was so stressed because by now none of the registers were working properly.

Ok, so no chesesticks.

So we sat down to wait unti l the movie started- the power was being a little bit iffy.. and then the movie screens started failing. Someone approached us and told us it would be several hours at least before they could get any of the films up and running again and gave us two free passes to come back another time. We went and got a refund for our tickets and left.

Ok… so we stopped to pick up perishables on the way home and I decided that since I couldn’t have Harry Potter, I would get us some ice cream. Well, but the store we were at was out of Cinnamon Bun ice cream… ok, so O’Charley’s Caramel Pie… nope, out of that too. We ended up getting ice cream sandwiches.

And I had to stop to pick up Mom’s vodka for her… and some Evil wine to use making dinnner. Only the liquor store was out of Evil- they said they hadn’t been able to get it in some time. So I got a different inexpensive merlot.

So we get home and it’s rained on the towels I had on the clothesline. So rewash them and dry them in the dryer. Emily got stung by a wasp while she was trying to help me- not bad but I went to look for wasp spray to kill the nasty beasts that hurt my daughter… and I’m out of wasp spray.

I start dinner and I’m out of beef stock… and almost out of garlic.

80s came out for an apology visit. He claims that he doesn’t remember anything about the night before and spent the night saying I’m sorry in most of the ways it’s possible to. I wish I could forget unpleantness as easily as that!

And my beautiful zenkitty called- I am going to call her back today because I had to get off long before I wanted to. Man, I love that girl!

After 80s went home (at a decent hour for once) I watched the first part of Deathly Hallows and quilted some. And I also got the house clean and did a bit of sewing on my practice book… so the day was not a total loss but I still wonder which god I pissed off!

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