Day 1584

Emily and I did get to see Harry Potter in IMax-3D yesterday- for free on Harry’s birthday 🙂 Yes, I thought it was really very good.

We also ended up getting free fries when we went to lunch (we ordered them and then they didn’t ring them up and when I asked for them anyway, they didn’t charge us)

And we found five pairs of slacks for her to wear to school that fit and only need hemming as soon as I have seen them each one on her (to make sure that none of them is mis-labled).

And then I talked to zenkitty until after bedtime.

That was a day full of win!

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3 Responses to Day 1584

  1. It was free on Harry’s birthday? How awesome. Also, I want fries now.

    • wren08 says:

      No, it was free because we tried to see it Saturday and they lost power and had to refund our money. That it was Hp’s birthday was a nifty coincidence.

  2. stellans says:

    Yay for enjoying a movie and fries and new pants together!

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