Day 1581

Emily’s dentist appointment went well Tuesday- no cavities and the only thing that might need to be addressed is a slight overbite. They were going to refer me to an orthodontist for her but I pointed out that there is no way I can afford to take her so there is no point. If it was affecting her health, I would find a way but this is so slight it is not even affecting her looks.

I finished sewing the first copy of The Flying Yorkshireman together and I’m going to try to back and bind it this weekend. I also have the second copy printed out and I’ll try and work on that as well. My book press is smaller than I would like so I’m going to have to cut down my backing boards by about an inch- not very happy about that!






That last picture is of just how little thread I had left over when I finished sewing. Don’t ask me how I judged it so closely!

I’m also considering entering anyone lived in a pretty how town in the country fair this year and possibly the state fair next year- depending on how it does at county.

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