Day 1579

The problem with hanging clothes on the clothes line instead of throwing them in the dryer is that they are so much slower to dry and laundry takes all day! I still plan to finish the laundry today- weather permitting.

I’m also planning to do the recyling, balance the books and make Tuscan chicken for dinner.

I notice that I can balance my books in half an hour… maybe I should go to Washington and show them how!

The rest of the weekend I plan to quilt. I may work a little on bookbinding but I’m a bit stalled by needing to cut down my boards. I’m having trouble whipping up enthusiasm for that. Plus I need to get this quilt done so I can get to work on Granny’s quilt for Emily. I haven’t even started it and I want to have it done well before she is 16… and I’m running out of time!

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