The Flying Yorkshireman- copy 1

The first copy is done except for the decoration on the cover!

I forgot to take a picture of gluing on the super (linen), rounding and backing the spine- I’ll try to remember next time!

Unravelling the cords.

Endpapers- so many pretty choices! The flash makes them look washed out but they’re really very vibrant.

Cutting the end paper to size.

Folding and creasing the endpapers.

Applying glue- the scrap of paper is there to make sure that I only get glue on the 1/8 of an inch it needs to be on.

Gluing in the endpapers.

Bookmark and headband supplies.

Sewing in the bookmark ribbon. I have never heard of any bindary doing this but it just seems like good sense to me.

In the press, ready for the headband.

Headbands glued in. The arrow is so I will know which is the top of the book- I’d hate to have the bookmark come out of the bottom.

Better picture of the headbands- the flash is really messing with me today.

Gluing on kraft paper. It’s just acid free heavy brown paper- wrapping paper will do or a paper bag as long as it’s acid free.

Ah- that’s better!

Making rice flour paste. 1/2 cup of water and two spoons of rice flour.

Mix to remove lumps

Add two whole cloves. You can leave the cloves out if you want or use clove powder but the scent of the cloves in the paste keeps insects from finding your book tasty.


Heat and stir until thick. I couldn’t take an actual picture of that because my hands were busy and it’s very fast!

Spread paste on leather. This is a bit of sheepskin that is really a little too small for the book but sheepskin is horribly stretchy so I’m going to take advantage of that.

Cover boards and manila strip in place. THe manila strip I just cut from a manila folder- the same one I used to make the punching guide, as a matter of fact.

After this I wrapped the case around the book and pasted down the end papers.

In the press overnight with the brass edged boards.

Next will be the title and decoration on the cover.
Obviously I did not get that nap…

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2 Responses to The Flying Yorkshireman- copy 1

  1. Nice! I am really looking forward to seeing the finished book. It looks like a lot of work.
    BTW..I love that little saucepan so much!

    • wren08 says:

      I have no idea how old that little pot is- it’s been around for forever but almost never used because it is so very small. But it happens to be the perfect size for paste since I make only a little at a time 🙂

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