Day 1571

I would still be in bed except that the dog had to go out and has not come back in yet. Brat dog.

The refridgerator door broke yesterday- the piece that holds everything on the shelf. I’m hoping I can get a replacement part for it or glue it back together- I really don’t want to McGuyver this. I can look at… but not for another hour or so- they’re down for maintenance.

I did get the paper rack built yesterday- out of an old picture frame, cup hooks and dowels. It’s quite functional and looks pretty good! I’m very excited to be getting some pretty pretty end paper to fill it up with.

I went by the library yesterday and put in a request for an inter-library loan for A Craftsman’s Guide to Edge Decoration for Bookbinding by John Mitchell. I’m still having no little problem with my edge decorating and this third copy of The Flying Yorkshireman has a different edge treatment than I have done before- I really don’t want to get it wrong!

And the dog is still not in- an hour later. Since I have such an early start to the day- abet unwilling- I mixed up two part epxoy and I’m attempting to mend the fridge door piece, a coffee cup that’s been mended before- the handle broke off and somehow whatever I mended it with before suddenly turned loose yesterday and my caffine molecule hairstick- again. I’ve also started an extra load of laundry that includes Bitsy’s bed and finished up the handwashed dishes.

Now I think I’ll start on the third copy of The Flying Yorkshireman. I have so many pictures of the process that, unless I do something radically different, I’m only going to be posting pictures of the finished book before and after gilding. But the first thing that I need to do is print it… onward!

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