Day 1566 Good Morning

Friday- thank goodness.

I’m getting better at edge gilding- the book I’m working on now (Shards of Honor) the first edge came out quite well with no pages sticking together very much and very little flaking when I fanned the pages. I still had to do far too many repairs and used far too much silver but I’m getting better. The key seems to be patience- a LOT of patience- which is something I have never been too good at. The other thing is to be miserly with materials. Too much of anything and it all goes wonky.

It’s occured to me that writing in my journal first thing in the morning is probably not the best time… but sometimes it’s the only time I have.

Mom fell again yesterday when there was no one home to help her. At least this time she does not seem to have sustained any injury. I’m getting worried about her. And it’s too early- she’s only 74- this sort of thing should not be happening to her for the next 10 to 20 years.

I’m back on five days a week at work. This is a good thing… and the next time they stop scheduling me for five days, I’m going to use the extra day for job hunting. I would do it anyway… except that I don’t know that I need a more high powered and demanding job as long as Mom and Em still have to have me take days off for family care.

Since Emily goes to school at 7 and I don’t have to clock in to work until 8, I’ve been using that hour to work on my quilt. It’s surprizing how much I get done in that one quiet hour.

The one thing I am not doing too much of is reading- I need to shoe-horn in some time to read because I’m sure I’m behind on my yearly challenge.

Ack! Right now I have to scamper and shower. I am only scheduled for half a day today… and I’m about half wishing that that’s all I’ll work. I could use the money- but I could use the time too.

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2 Responses to Day 1566 Good Morning

  1. wikkidraven says:

    you bookbinding thing sounds awesome. i need to find the time to learn something new ❤

    • wren08 says:

      Because being an awesome business woman and creating beautiful perfumes and soaps just is not enough?
      You already rock harder than Jimi Hendricks!
      However, that being said, if you want to go for something new, do it- I’m sure you will be just as awesome at something new.

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