When you get a new credit card, what do you do with it?

Do you cut it up? Shred it? Or throw it away?

I caught someone I care about today throwing away their old credit card in a public garbage when they got a new one. Um, no. Just no.

The number is NOT different. The name is not different. The flipping CRV number is the same! The only thing that is changed is the expiration date- usually by three years. So if someone picks up that discarded card, they have everything they need to know except your billing address- which is easily findable on google.

Please please people, be safe. Cut the card up or shred it and dispose of it in at least two unrelated waste baskets.

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7 Responses to PSA

  1. Wow, that’s really a scary thought. I always shred my cards and paperwork, then split them into two wastebaskets: one that goes out a few times a week, and one that doesn’t usually fill up for a month or more.

    • wren08 says:

      That’s safest and I really couldn’t believe it when I saw her doing that. Which is what promted me to post- maybe not everybody does that automatically.

  2. cymrullewes says:

    You mean you don’t save your old cards until you’ve got enough to make armor with them?!?

  3. stellans says:

    I do what alicia_stardust does, with the shreddings and the splittings between trash cans. We also shred and split all credit card offers, as well. I hope your friend doesn’t forget the lesson taught!

  4. zenkitty_714 says:

    Shred and split! Goodness, I can’t believe anyone just throws an old card away!

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