Day 1561

Mom has not been doing well so I’ve been busier than usual. Here is my day in bullet points:

    1) Get up
    2) Let the dog out
    3) Check my email
    4) Let the dog in
    5) Get Emily up
    6) Get dressed
    7) Do a load of laundry
    8) Put the garbage out at the road
    9) Wash the dishes
    10) Make sure Em has everything for school
    11) Hang out the clothes
    12) Re-gild edge of book I’m working on
    13) Put Mom’s paper on her table
    14) Take Em to school
    15) Work on quilt for an hour
    16) Go to work
    17) Do the weekly shopping
    18) Go home
    19) Make the dog go out
    20) Check on Em and homework
    21) Put up groceries
    22) Check email
    23) Check on Mom
    24) Feed Honey-dog
    25) Feed Fuzz-cat
    26) Unload the dishwasher
    27) Let the dog in
    28) Make supper (fried chicken, green beans and carrots- I offered biscuits but Em said she didn’t want them)
    29) Make coffee
    30) Put supper on the table

    *This is where I am right now

    31) Write journal entry
    32) Clean up leftovers
    33) Clean stovetop
    34) Fold laundry
    35) Make Emily take a shower
    36) Take a shower myself
    37) Make sure everyone’s teeth get brushed
    38) Check on Mom again
    39) Do anything she needs
    40) Make Emily go to bed
    41) Test out my new theory on edge gilding
    42) Make the dog go out again
    43) Work a logic problem
    44) Go to bed myself

Did I mention that I have a bad cold and all I want to do is sleep?

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4 Responses to Day 1561

  1. zenkitty_714 says:

    you really do more in a day than lazy me can imagine getting done.

    • wren08 says:

      I’m hyperactive- what can I say? Emily comes by it honestly.
      When we were working together Mom used to try and get me to sit down and take a break… and you know what a workaholic she was!

  2. loucheroo says:

    aww sweetie *backrub* hope you manage to get some rest…

  3. meguey says:

    No wonder you are feeling run-down; a list like that would make me feel run *over*!

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