Day 1546

Mom’s got a compression fracture in her spine and a cracked pelvis. But she didn’t want to stay at the hospital so she’s home with pain meds and something to keep her from throwing up the pain meds. This means that I’m over there taking care of her at 5 am, 11 pm and several other times in between. She’s moving better and the pain meds are helping a lot but she still needs someone to be there if she gets out of bed at all.

Consequently, I’m not doing much else besides taking care of her, working and taking care of Em.

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4 Responses to Day 1546

  1. loucheroo says:

    Does there not come a point where you can say that she needs to spend a couple days in the hospital because you are only one person and something’s gotta give, dammit?
    Or am I being a cold, heartless bitch, not taking into account factors of which I am unaware and worrying that my friend will hit the wall soon?

    • wren08 says:

      There well may come a point when I say ok, I can’t do this any more. But I’m hoping that it’s not yet- she does seem to be improving- she’s eating and taking her pain meds so we’ll see how it goes.
      Mom used to work in hospitals and nursing homes- she’s really really not wanting to go there. So for now, I’ll manage. It’s not so bad with Emily behaving really well and helping me out by being someone who can do small things instead of one more person I have to chivvy.

  2. chatrient says:

    I wish her a quick and speedy healing so that the burdens will be less on you
    *hugs again*

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