Day 1543 Peaceful Sunday

I’m loving the cooler weather! And, by the way, I am posting nothing anywhere about the tragedy of ten years ago.

My first duty of the morning is medicine distribution- how did that happen? I never trained as a nurse…

Other than making people take meds on time and in the right doses and other related caretaking tasks, I have planned for today to finish the third copy of The Flying Yorkshireman, finish the next to last setting square of Don’t Go Out A-Lone Star and mark the last one. That’s going to be tricky- it’s the signature block and so may take me some time to get it done. And then there is the scanning of A Craftman’s Guide to Edge Decoration which I am debating putting up on my blog for safe keeping. All you legal eagles out there, how much trouble can I get in if I do that?

I’m also planning a homemade chicken pot pie for dinner.

So I’m in for a busy but fun day.

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