Finished! The Flying Yorkshireman copy 3







This is the first time I have worked with real gold- everything else has been either cheap ‘gold’ or sterling silver or copper. I know why gold is the one you always see now- it’s a LOT easier to work! As well as being a little harder- it’s very delicate but it adheres better to what ever surface you’re gilding- a LOT better.

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6 Responses to Finished! The Flying Yorkshireman copy 3

  1. Nice work! It’s interesting that the gold is mostly easier. Is it a lot more expensive than the others?

    • wren08 says:

      It is… but not prohibitively so. A set of 25 sterling silver sheets on Ebay goes for about $8, 22K gold goes for about $37 for the same 25 sheets. So it’s a lot more expensive but neither one is unaffordable. (A book of 25 sheets will be enough for 2 to 5 books depending on how heavily they are decorated and how clumsy I am.)

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