Day 1529

Last night, Mom claimed that she was very very dizzy and it wasn’t safe for her to go to the bathroom without me there. (I have been saying that right along.) This morning- after 5 hours of sleep- I get over there as fast as I possibly can… and she has already wet the bed.

Ok- this is more than I can do. When I get home from work (short day, thankfully) I will have to change her bed and do her laundry. And find papers she wants for her car insurance and some others. And whatever else in the hell she needs/wants me to do. I also need to call about Eliz’s car wreck and fix dinner. And take care of the animals and Emily at some point. I will never have the time for anything I want to do- not even a nap.

This is not sustainable.

When I am over there after work, I am going to suggest some other alternatives because I’m not superwoman and I have to sleep more than this.

Sorry for whining more about this- I’m just really fucking tired.

On the good side, I got a very pretty post card in the mail yesterday- thank you FG!!

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13 Responses to Day 1529

  1. fountaingirl says:

    I’m so sorry sweetie.
    She does probably qualify for some sort of in-home help. Self-toileting is a basic “ADL” (activity of daily living) and if she can’t do it herself, that is serious impairment. She can get help based on this.

  2. fountaingirl says:

    (& you are welcome honey, thinking of you xoxoxo)

  3. zenkitty_714 says:

    Oh geez. What FG said – incontinence and not being able to got o the bathroom by herself are enough to get some help. You’re right, this is not sustainable.

  4. bassclefgirl says:

    Echoing what the lovely ladies above me said–help is clearly needed, and no, this is not sustainable. I hope you’re able to get something worked out soon. Thinking of you.

  5. cymrullewes says:

    Something to think about if you can’t get home health, Respite Care.

  6. chatrient says:

    I agree with FG; she probably would qualify for some home health care because of her disability
    **hugs** I hope you are remembering to take care of yourself
    Call Eliz and ask her to come help you with the animals and Emily for you 🙂

  7. baristababe says:

    That sounds an impossible situation and I just hope that, somehow, you are able to convince her you can not do this all on your own. :-/

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