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I don’t know about voting but I do know about lucky. (Didn’t we just have this chat?)

I’m terribly terribly lucky- and that’s really all there is to it. I haven’t been wise and sometimes I haven’t been good… and by all objective measures, I should be terribly terribly poor.

But I’m not- people who meet me and see my house (not so much my car, poor thing, it’s had a hard life) see wealth. Not Super-Uber-Rich… but wealth none the less.

My daughter goes to one of the better schools in the city- I’m just very lucky to be zoned for the best of the public schools.

My house is paid for and the car too… and the last time I took the car in to be serviced for something minor, the mechanics couldn’t believe it was still in such good shape. Most cars of the same year and model as mine have been junked long since. Why is mine still running? Just lucky, I guess.

We have cheap, super-fast internet because we live in an area where cheap, super-fast internet exists.

We’ve had no real problems with the house- no roof needed, no major repairs… and with the tornado and the recent flooding that’s almost more than lucky.

We have more than enough food to eat- so much that we can be a little picky about what we eat. We have more books than I can read and quite a few are in really nice bindings.

We can afford pets- does anybody but me think that pets are a real luxury? It’s not like you can do without them when times get tough… but they still cost a good bit.

Kids too- kids are a huge luxury item. They’re not so expensive to have… but they get more and more expensive as they get older. I think if having children was recognized for the luxury commodity it is, maybe people would have fewer or at least think a little before they have them. You can pawn a diamond ring when times get hard but you can’t sell the kids- and I don’t know of a single decent parent who would want to. That, and to a lesser degree, the pets are not only a luxury, they’re a responsibility and when money gets tight, that doesn’t go away. Can’t- at least if you are an actual human and not some soulless monster.

So, here I am. Four cats, a dog, two kids, a paid-for medium sized house on land with no mortgage and a car for which there is no payment outside of insurance. I work a part time job- one– for just a bit over minimum wage and the only help I get from the government is Emily’s health care. How is that even possible?


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6 Responses to Response to post

  1. wren08 says:

    And just on a totally random and personal note, where I was shopping yesterday had a bundle of my favorite leonidis roses- 18 of them for $6.
    I’m lucky, that’s all there is to it.

  2. wikkidraven says:

    not just lucky, awesome too! i should write a post like this to come back to when i’m feeling icky.
    sometimes we forget how lucky we are 🙂

    • wren08 says:

      Take a day when you are being aware of all the great things in your life and write one that’s specific to you. I mean, how lucky are you? You get to live in England, which I would love to even visit!, and start your own awesome business so you can do what you love every day… what else? I know there’s tons more!

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