Day 1522

Not much to say- Mom’s a little better, I think. Work is crazy this week because we are supposed to have a visitation from the suits tomorrow and Emily continues to be very very good.

I found a place where someone has written the rest of Midnight Sun- but it’s wrong. More than the POV has been changed and some of the stuff flatly contradicts known ‘facts’ within the series. So I still have to do it if I want it done.

I’m up to working on the borders of my quilt- still don’t know if I can get it finished before Halloween, though.

I’ve also rebound Beauty by Robin McKinley. I should be able to get the cover decoration this weekend and then I’ll post pictures.

Other than that, I’m mostly really really tired. I think I’ll go have a nap for a couple of hours until it’s time to check on Mom again.

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