Day 1519

I have been so very busy this weekend that I’m an absolute grouch- and Emily talking loudly to a friend on the phone in the next room is not helping.

Yesterday I cleaned all the mail off Mom’s table- probably a year’s worth of junk mail, paid bills to be filed, bills to be paid and magazines. It took me hours and I was late making dinner. Then the new recipe I was trying botched on me (I know what I did wrong but I’ll wait to post it until I do it right and I’m sure it’s tasty when it’s right.)

Right now I’m working on the cover of Robin McKinley’s Beauty… waiting for the glair to dry… and I should have pictures by the day’s end. After that, I plan to quilt my heart out and see if I can’t get back into some semblance of a good mood.

On the other hand, next weekend is looking like it will be major fun! My darling zenkitty is planning a visit and we’re planing to go to Wine over Water… right now it looks like Mom will be well enough for us to go. Yay!

I confess, I am trying not to get too excited about it- so many times when I have planned something fun to do, Mom has found a way to make it not happen… and it would be so easy this time.

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