Day 1511

This should have been a really really fun weekend. Um, no.

My lovely zenkitty has been for a visit and that has been wonderful. I do love spending time with her and face time is even better.

On the other hand:

WIne over Water sold out before I could get tickets so we could not go to that.

I asked 80s not to call- I talked to him early in the day on Friday and had invited him to come over today in the evening… not canceling our normal time to spend together, just shifting it forward a few days. He called in the middle of dinner on Friday, at 12:30 at night on Friday and about 40 times Saturday evening and 3 times Sunday morning. At first, I just kept reminding him that I had asked him not to call until Monday… and then he picked a fight. So zenkitty and I took turns answering the phone and hanging up… just push this button and then that one… and by Sunday morning he was telling me he would come over Monday and get all his stuff and give me my keys back.

I decided ‘why wait?’ and took his stuff to him on Sunday after brunch with Eliz (so she could see zenkitty also) and collected my keys. He achieved his goal of pushing himself into my girl-time visit… but I don’t plan for him to ever see or talk to me again. So far, he has not called back.

This hurts- I hate loosing a friend like this… but it wasn’t very friendly for him to ignore my request for him not to call for one weekend. On top of some of the other things he has recently done, I’m just over it.

And, of course, I still had to take care of Mom… including a shower last night so she could be clean for her doctor’s visit today.


I do have a curiosity- do guys do the self-sabotage thing? Those thoughts that go around and around your head that remind you of all the things that you planned to do with this person and now never will or the things that you liked to do with them and you’ll never do again? I’d love to know how to short circuit that…. it makes me my own worst enemy.

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