Day 1507

I have not been posting because I am beyond busy right now. My day is scheduled thus:

5 am Wake up, coffee, allergy meds, check email

5:30 Get Emily up, get dressed, make Emily start getting ready for school, get myself ready for work

6:00 Put my things in the car, go give Mom her thyroid medication, make sure she has cigarettes, her lunch pills, her lunch and a full bottle of water

6:30 Take Emily to school

7:00 Free time- quilting, reading, writing or shopping. At work- so no internet or phone

8:00 Work

4pm Shopping if needed

4:30 Get home, check on Mom, check Emily’s grades and make her do any homework that she has not yet done

5:00 Start dinner

6:00 Feed Mom, her cat, Emily and both dogs. Eat dinner myself. Give Mom her evening pills

6:30 Clean up, make sure Mom has water and anything else she needs

7:00 Emily shower

7:30 my shower

8:00 Emily bed

8:30 My nap- if I don’t take a nap at this time, I end up too tired for words

10:30 Check on Mom, fix her lunch for the next day, rub her back with aspercreme, change her water, give her pain meds if she needs them, scoop her cat box and do daily tiding up

11:30 Bed time

Wash, rinse, repeat.

This doesn’t leave me much time for socialization… or anything else but it does get everything done. I can’t skip the nap… I tried that last week and I was falling asleep driving home from work. This is a bit dangerous, to say the least. I’ve been running at a sleep deficit for so long, there just is nowhere to pull reserves from- I haven’t got any.

I’ve had to put the bookbinding on hold and I won’t get my quilt finished by Halloween… and I will not get my Goodreads challenge goal met this year… and finishing Midnight Sun is also on hold, mostly. Oh well.

So I am reading… but probably won’t be posting too much unless it’s on the weekend or, like today, Emily doesn’t have school so I have more time at home and less time at work.

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