Day 1506

I’m not in an especially good place this morning. I could use a hug and possibly a back rub… and there is no chance I will get either one today.

This week, besides being crazy busy, has been disappointing in small ways.

I broke my reading glasses that I take to work beyond repair.

I found the perfect cordial glass to match my crystal… and ordered the only one Replacements had. It got here and it was perfect… and while I was taking the labels off, a large semicircular piece came off in my hand. I wasn’t cut and they refunded my money right away… but there is still not another one to be had in that pattern that I have found anywhere.

I spent last night’s nap time dealing with 80s. I didn’t remember to bring all his stuff back to him and had to set a time and place to meet him to return it. He’s still being self righteous and unapologetic so that was unpleasant. It would be nice if he even wanted to keep me enough to attempt to apologize but he’d rather try and make everything out to be my fault. What in the hell have I been thinking to try and be friends with someone who thinks so little of me?

Actually, I know what I have been thinking- he’s the only person that comes to see me regularly and I don’t get to go out very much so that’s been pretty much my only socialization for the last several years. I’m not a hermit by nature so I’ve put up with a lot of things that I don’t much like (Bevis and Butthead etc) just to have the contact with someone who is not family. And he has-occasionally- been a very good friend to me when I needed a good friend.

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