Day 1500 Too much inspiration, not enough perspiration.

Today is report card day. I must say, I like the ability to check on line for Emily’s grades- there won’t be any surprises. I am not absolutely happy with her grades, she will be bringing home 2 As. 4 Cs and a D in Algebra. This is so much better than three weeks ago when she had 2 As and 5 Fs. (The As are in music and drama, so they are less important to me.) I’m proud of her for being able to pull them up so fast- she’s really been working.

Next week is Fall break for them… and a CT scan for Mom on Tuesday… and BiLo’s 50th anniversary on Wednesday. Have I mentioned lately that I would like more hours in my day?

I find that, while I am focused on quilting right now, I am doing a lot more thinking about quilting than I am actual quilting. That’s not so good and I need to fix that as much as I can- which means I need to stop wishing for larger blocks of time to quilt and quilt when I have five minutes or ten minutes or something. I’ll get more done that way than I will wishing for an hour to quilt.

I’ve started getting the fabrics for the art quilt… and I’ve decided that I will have to hand applique it instead of doing the fusible raw edged applique thing. It will be slower but when I get done, I’ll have a quilt I can wash and in this household, that’s very important. The fabrics are just beautiful too- even Emily is loving them!

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