Waiting on dry sheets

I got four of the five patterns today (the other one has to come from Canada. It’s an old pattern so finding one on line was kind of difficult.) Having looked at the complexity of the applique pieces- as well as the very small size of some of them- I don’t think traditional applique will do. There’s no way I could get all those sharp points and complex shapes without messing it up horribly.

So, ok, fusible applique. How bad can it be? If I quilt it around all the applique shapes, it should still stand up to conservation washing when needed, right? (No aggitation- super mild soap, etc.) I think I can afford to make one “art” quilt in my life.

On the completely up side- the quilt was designed to be an art quilt and made with fusible applique so all the instructions are for that and I don’t have to modify anywhere. Since this is already insanely complex, that’s a good thing!

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