Day 1495

I had today off- I would have rather been at work.

Not that taking Mom for the CT scan was so very dreadful- it was not too bad (for me) at all. Mom had to lay flat on her back for 25 minutes and not move and that made her hurt a lot so it was worse for her. But I woke up with tension in my right shoulder- which has been none too good of late- and it only got worse as the day progressed until the side of my neck on that side was trying to spasm and hurting every time I turned my head.

I took a muscle relaxer when we got home and another one just now. I really hope I’ve headed it off at the pass because I can’t have a repeat of April’s problem. Like it or not, I have no one to drive me around if I have to take medicine that prevents me from driving. And I have two people who might need me to be able to drive… more if you count the animals.

Anyway, that’s over. We have another doctor’s appointment on November 3rd and then I have a DHS telephone interview for Emily’s insurance on the 7th.

I’m actually looking forward to the 7th. It’s a Monday so Emily will be back in school- the interview is at 8am… which means I have to sit by the phone until they call. Um, ok, force me to sit at my own house, all by my self for at least half the day. Can I get this more often? It sounds like just what I have been wanting to do for weeks. I can play on the internet, watch something, listen to music (as long as I don’t turn it up too loud) that I want to hear, quilt, read, cook something without a dead-line… I’m happy just thinking about it!

I think I must be somewhat introverted. Very few social activities hold as much potential for real happiness as a morning at home, all to myself. Or maybe it’s just that most of the time I have to spend with either Mom or Em and they’re family, not friends. Friends tend to be energizing- family tends to be draining.

************************************Random break in thought processes**********************************

I noticed somewhere tonight that a great many guys claim to like their women without make-up or fancy dressing tricks etc- ie au natural.

Um, no you don’t, guys. What you want is to not know that those things are being done and you definitely don’t want to know how much they cost or how much time they take. If you’re sitting and talking with a reasonably decent looking woman who is not wearing a speck of make-up in casual clothes and a fabulously made up and poshed out woman walks in, your head swivels like it’s on ball-bearings. Do you really think that look didn’t take hours and a good bit of money? Not to mention all the time shopping for the clothes and make up and the time spent at the gym to have that great figure.

Get with it, guys. You don’t want us to look ‘natural’- the further we are from ‘natural’, the better you like it. You just want to forget how much effort goes into creating that look… possibly so you don’t have to feel guilty about not doing as much to make yourself attractive- although I don’t know about the last. I could simply be projecting. What I do know is that what you say you like and what you actually do is not congruent.

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