Day 1488

I just walked into the library and one of the hanging loops for my decorative window panels has broken.I took the panel down (and I may take the other one down too) but now I don’t quite know how to proceed to get them back up. *grump*

On top of that, I tried to be a good girl and lay down and get the nap I should take every evening… and slept an hour and a half too long. So now I’ve made lunch for Mom and lunch for me and made coffee so I’m not waking up to no coffee… and I’m up for awhile. I still have to have a shower before I actually go to bed.

In spite of being threatened that I would take the phone and computer away again if she got one more zero in homework, Emily has another zero in homework. If it’s not corrected by the time I get home tomorrow, I’ll be taking away everything electronic and threatening her with TV grounding. Since she wants to see both the new show called ‘Grimm’ and the next episode of ‘Once Upon A Time’, this is a viable threat.

My fingers are still too sore to quilt much so I’m not making the headway on the quilt I would like. Tomorrow is a high chance of rain so I won’t be taking it to work. I’ll take something to piece on that’s small still and can fit into my back pack- Robert’s Trees or Storm at Sea,

I’ve declared Sunday to be chore free for me. I’ll cook- no getting out of that- but I won’t clean and I’ve already told Mom and Emily that if they have chores for me, tell me Saturday or before because I won’t be doing them on Sunday. Let’s see how many things they come up with for me to do on Sunday.

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