Day 1485

I have a fairly busy day today. I need to go by recycling, the bank, the bread store, the tobacco store for Mom and Walmart to let Emily pick up the last bit of her costume. Then I need to come home and finish my weekly chores and make an apple pie and dinner before I take Emily to the Halloween dance at school this evening. When we get home from that, it will be almost time for me to go over and watch British comedies with Mom for a couple of hours.

At some point, I should also call Katrina who says she needs to talk to me, call Jim and see how he is and I have two friends who are possibly going to try and come visit me Sunday. And Mom needs help (or at least someone to be there) while she showers Sunday.

Emily and I watched the new show Grimm last night and made chocolate cake- not the five minute cake but a real one- abet only half as large as the recipe. After she went to bed, I soaked in a Hot Toddy bath and read 15 chapters of A Beautiful Blue Death by Charles Finch. I think I am going to like this one.

In all events, a pleasant evening- and one I needed. The bath was especially so since I fell last night taking out some trash and, while my skinned knee is very mild, my back and arms are achy from the impact.

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