Day 1480

I’ve been spending a lot less time on the internet and a good bit of time with my nose stuck in a book. So far I’ve read all the Charles Lenox novels that are out and plan on getting the new one that comes out this month.I’m also halfway through The Wedding Quilt which I am enjoying although I don’t find it up to Chaiverini’s previous standard. I’m still behind on reading for the year- not sure I’ll be able to come back as life is still having a lot more chores than before.

Mom has gone back to drinking. That bottle of vodka she didn’t touch for 8 weeks? Almost gone. I’d think that if one is having falling issues, one would not want to impair the balance centers with alcohol.

I have today off because I have to take Mom to the doctor. And then Saturday I have to take her cat to the vet. The cat cannot gain any weight no matter how much we feed her and it seems like she pees gallons so we’re afraid of diabetes. I pointed out to Mom that if she does have diabetes she will have to have care and ‘one more’ chore on my plate is going to put me over the limit. I told her point blank that I’m maxxed out for responsibilities.

She keeps coming up with stuff to do that she wants done. The problem is, I don’t have the time to do all the things that she thinks of just laying there and her solution of me spending less time with friends and less time on the computer is just not practical. I have almost no social life left and I’m not getting a lot of computer time either. It’s ridiculous to expect me to give up everything I want and need in life except for food and minimal sleep to cater to someone else’s to do list.

However, I have plans for today besides taking her to the doctor. I’m going to have a nap. I’m going to pick up Emily’s prescription while we are down in that area. Other than that, I’m going to quilt. My fingers are still hella sore but I’ll manage- I’ve still got a long way to go on the borders before this quilt is finished.

Something funny happened to me the other day. I took my quilt in to work to work on it in the hour before I clock in and when I sat down to work on it I found that my needle had fallen out. So I got another needle… but the problem was, where was the one that had fallen out? In the living room? In the backseat of the car? The chance of finding a #9 between in all that space was negligible. When I went to put the quilt in the car before work, there was my needle laying in the parking lot. I’ve fussed about having to use reading glasses… but I guess my vision has not gone off that badly if I can see a tiny needle on the pavement before dawn!

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