Day 1477

I have been doing a lot of cooking today! Not so much things you can eat as preparation for things you can eat. Chicken broth/stock and almost done beef stew and slices of chicken breast and the rest of the meat pulled off the chicken bones.

My living room light is on the fritz again. It started flickering and then the bulb (5 year bulb installed in April) blew. Ok, I know I’m being a nervous nelly but I want that fixture changed. The kitchen light too. It has flickered so constantly that I never turn it on anymore- which means I’m always cooking in low light and I hate that. So tomorrow I will need to deal with the electrician… and DHS… and Em’s school and doctor over her vaccination records… and make an appointment for her med check while I have the doctor’s office on the line.

And some how, I am going to get in some time to relax, I swear I am.

Oh yes- an update on the cat. She does NOT have diabetes, She does have some sort of infection going on in her kidneys and possibly other plumbing so she’s getting and antibiotic for a week. What she may have is cancer… or just the infection… or something else. We’ll know more when we get the culture back. After that, the only way to tell more would be a biopsy and Mom has already decided against that. She’s 12 or so and the general anesthetic could be as dangerous as whatever she has going on. She’s not in distress, so it may be best to just let her alone.

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