We need a lamp post. It has to be solar because it needs to be halfway between the houses (to light my way over to Mom’s so I don’t fall in the culvert and break my leg in the dark) and I would like it to be bright enough to scare away bears. It has to be large enough for the man who mows the lawn for Mom to not be able to run over it with the riding lawn mower. Sometimes he can’t see too well so all the little path lights are out- he’ll not see one one day, run it over and then we’ll be looking at repairing the lawn mower at least.

I also would like it to look like Narnia (or Tolkien or Sherlock’s London)… but lamp post? Narnia if possible. I’ve been having no luck but zenkitty is amazing and found one for me. The problem is, I looked at the site further… and found another one. So now the question is which one?

This one:

Or this one:


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