Day 1466

Has it really been all week? I guess it has.

Monday I took Emily to the Dr for her yearly appointment (and to get her shot records updated for the school). They had to stick her finger for blood testing, of course, so she was brave and turned her head and started reciting the periodic table (this is her new distraction and calming technique). SHe had got as far as 6 (carbon) when the nurse stuck her and her verbal flow was something like this “…5, boron, 6, SHIT!”

Now I should have reprimanded her on her language… but I couldn’t help it. I looked up at her (over my glasses since I was quilting) and remarked mildly “Emily, I don’t recall ‘shit’ being an element.” The nurse was so doubled over laughing that she could barely take the blood sample.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I’ve been in floral… except that Tuesday I wasn’t. The manager called someone else in from another store to run floral and had me finish decorating the store. I do NOT like going up in the lift! I don’t really like working floral either. I think I am not good at it… even though I have tonnes of proof that I am good at it. But it’s always a panic for me… autumn corsage? when we only have spring-like corsage makings? Ok- yes, I managed but not without a few moments of “oh my god. oh my god- what I am I going to do with THAT?”

Plus fruit is picking up for the holiday…so I’ve been quite tired most of the week.

When I have not been going out of my mind at work or playing catch up with work at home, I have been thinking about ties. Specifically, I have been thinking about my Retiring the Ties quilt. I went shopping for my brother for a new tie for Christmas… which always gets me going. I love ties! Mostly I love vintage ties… like the neat peek-a-boo ties with the pin-up models in the lining. Interestingly enough, a couple of companies have brought back the style. I don’t like the new Rialto ties- they’re too racy. I much prefer Miss Feeney’s… especially the Miss Feeney secretary! There’s one for Christmas on there as well- in case anyone wants to surprise a tie-wearing relative with the coolest tie he’ll get this year. The Feeney ties look a lot more like the original pin-ups that were featured in the original ties- Vargus girls as opposed to Penthouse pets. Eventually, I also want to make him one of the name ties- the ones that have a name painted on it vertically and mirrored to make it look like a great design rather than a name… until you turn it sideways.

One of my big regrets is that I don’t seem to have any of Dad’s old ties. I wish I did but there are so very many ties and types of ties out there that I doubt I’ll ever find any of the ones I know he had.

Okay, I’ve fooled around on the internet long enough- time to get to the Saturday chores.

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