Day 1464: A little bit about the house

I finally got the lamp post… this one:

Now I’m waiting for it to be delivered so I can set it up and then I will post pictures and let everyone know how bright (or not) it is…

My kitchen faucet is dripping. A lot. I planned to replace it this spring when I got my tax refund but I may decide that it has to get fixed before that. The last time I replaced it, I went for cheap so this one does not have any way to replace the washers… I won’t make that mistake again! I would feel a lot more urgency over this if our water was not free… and I didn’t typically leave the faucet dripping most cold winter nights anyway. I just don’t leave it dripping quite this fast.

I’m a bit annoyed with my family. I try- every week- to get all the household chores done on Saturday so that I can relax and quilt on Sunday. Most of the time, I don’t succeed because Mom waits until very late Saturday night or Sunday to tell me a bunch of things that she wants done at her house. As I was finishing those up this week, I pointed out to her that it would be most helpful if she would try very hard to let me know what she needs me to do over the weekend on Saturday so I could have Sunday for myself and pointed out to her that I really need at least one day of the week to rest and relax, the 7 days a week nonsense is grueling.

I’m also annoyed with Eliz. She came to clean Mom’s house, stayed two hours (and did everything Mom asked her to and more) and then got away before I got to see her, speak to her or give her mail to her. Mom tells me that she will not be stopping by for dinner on Thursday- she doesn’t like my brother’s wife. This brings up several points. If Mom was paying her to clean, how is it that there was still so much left for me to do? I don’t get paid for it, either. And if she misses Lynn, she misses family Thanksgiving- including Blake and me. The woman’s never been nasty to her- there’s no reason for her to be like this.Since we can’t have Blake without Lynn, this is having either my brother or my daughter- not a choice I like being forced to make.

I had to go out Sunday to get milk (and cat food) because Emily was a pig about the milk and the hot chocolate Saturday. We had enough milk to last until Wednesday using it normally. When I got home, she tells me that the printer is so low on ink that she can’t print out her project for school… which means I can’t print out her party invitations either. I refused to go back out- the shop where I get our printer ink is not open on Sunday and they are twice as much everywhere else (new as opposed to recycled). And I have not been printing much of anything since I finished printing The Flying Yorkshireman books so the ink has all been used up by her printing a bunch of stuff I kept telling her not to.

My life would be so much easier if my family would just cooperate!

Work is going to be crazy this week. Fortunately I have Thursday off- I’ll be cooking but I’d have had to do that even if I did have to work. On the good side, I have all the meals sorted so that everything will be fairly fast and easy. On the downside, it plans to rain today and tomorrow so I won’t be able to get any quilting in between taking Em to school and starting work. Not sure how I’ll put in that dead hour… maybe I’ll just start work early and get the extra money.

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