Day 1461 Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
At the risk of sounding just like everyone else, I’m thankful for my friends and family- including the furry ones. I complain a lot- but I’m thankful just the same. I’m also thankful for continued good health, a job I don’t hate close to home and having enough ideas popping up that I’ll never be bored or mentally squishy.

I haven’t posted it yet but I want to say RIP to Anne McCaffery. She wasn’t my favorite author and I didn’t adore everything she wrote but the things I did like I read over and over. She was a good writer and a decent person- I wish there were more like her in the world and I’m sad that she isn’t any longer.

About the kitty (Clark Kent) in Philadelphia that I boosted the signal for- he’s doing better and there is hope that the evil woman who put him out to die will be prosecuted for her cruelty.

My brother and his wife are here for Thanksgiving which makes me happy- I don’t get to see them very much. Since Mom is still not doing so well, I’m in charge of cooking dinner and everyone is offering to help. Which is really kind of funny- I’ve cooked for upwards of 500 people at a time and I’m good at it- I think I can manage a turkey and 4 side dishes and rolls without blowing a gasket. But they think it’s a big meal and are being very kind to offer to help so I’m being internally amused and just assuring everyone that help isn’t necessary- I got this. The thing is, leaving out the sweets, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner is not really that much of a meal. Beef Weelington and Marchand du Vin sauce are both more involved.

BiLo has made Consumer Reports Nice List of companies with consumer friendly policies. This makes me happy.

I’ve been doing some more thinking about the Ties quilt. Some of the ties that I want to showcase are going to be wide and some are narrow and all are larger than the pattern will allow for so I’m going to enlarge the pattern and make it a combination of pieced and applique so that I am not cutting parts of the design of some of these fabulous ties. I’m also debating adding peek-a-boo blocks in the center of the borders since I may end up with more than four squares that I like. Or maybe I’ll just add them randomly around the borders to the limit of the pieces that I get that I like.

My lamp post is here… now all I need is the time to get into the box and see how involved it will be to set it up. I think I will go do that until it is time to begin prep for dinner…

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