Day 1458

I got my first Christmas card yesterday from wikkedraven- it’s a real cutie too, just like she is!

I went out to do chores for my Mom yesterday. One of them was to stop at her bank and move the money from a matured CD into her Money Market account. Now, a while back, Mom had me put on all her accounts as a joint owner so I could do things like this for her. But apparently we missed this one so either she has to go to the bank and move the money herself (a phone call is insufficient, she has to go down there in person) or she has to go down there and put me on the account so I can do it. Do you notice that? They want her to come to the bank, in person, in the next five days… and she’s so weak that a sponge bath and changing clothes wears her out for the day. I guess that Suntrust doesn’t want anyone who has any health issues banking with them. I wouldn’t be so mad… except that I’m on ALL her other CDs, checking and money market accounts and I’m listed as POD on this one. It’s pretty obvious, to any rational person, that she wants me to be able to do her banking for her.

On a better note, I’ve been considering idly some of the most successful advertising campaigns of the past.

Just wondering how many of you are too young to have any idea what I’m talking about.

Pixel (oldest cat) is not doing too well. I’m pretty sure he’s deaf now and he sometimes acts like he’s blind- although not always. He’s putting his feet in the water and food dishes and he tracks everything all over the house. Yesterday I sat down and cleaned his paws- he was really mad at me until he forgot about it.

I got the lamp post but it is missing a piece and I’m going to have to figure out how to install it- it’s designed to be installed on a deck or patio- not directly into the ground- so I may have to create at small concrete pad to attach it to. On the other hand, I set the lamp out in the sun for several hours and, when it got dark, it lit up nicely. It won’t be as bright as a street lamp but it lasts a long time and will be bright enough, I think.

More thinking about the tie quilt. Some of these ties that I am getting are truly fabulous! So do I actually cut them up or do I scan them and print them out on fabric and leave the tie intact? I’m thinking I should cut them up. I don’t have anyone who would wear them and if I use a ‘copy’ then I loose the depth of interest that the varying fabrics will give.

I have a couple of chores left to do- most of them cat related. It’s Frontline weekend and I’m going to be horribly unpopular for awhile. Then I am going to settle down on the sofa and quilt away most of this rainy day… and watch something- I haven’t decided what yet. (All of Lord of the Rings at once? Hum- that’s a possibility.) I’m still working on the two inner borders of Don’t Go Out A-Lone Star but I’m on the last side and then I’ll have one more border and the binding. Yay! After that, I’ll want to add a hanging sleeve so I can hang it over the sliding door in the living room. My family will just have to subsist on left-overs again today. (This is not a hardship- we all love Thanksgiving left-overs!)

Next weekend is Emily’s birthday. The best party we have had so far was the CiCi’s party so we’ll be doing that again. Pizza and cupcakes- we won’t be going anywhere afterwards this time so more people can be invited. Last time I planned to take everyone book shopping after lunch so there was a limit of how many people I could fit into my car. Also I wanted to be sure I had enough birthday pie- Emily’s request!- and this year I’ll only need to know how many cupcakes to get. We have discovered Chattanooga Cupcakes… and wow. Okay, they’re really expensive- $3- but they’re huge and delicious!

I need to go get to work!

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