Day 1449 Christmas cards

I’m going to be working on my Christmas cards over the next couple of days- if you did not get a card from me last year and you would like one, send me your address at wren081063 at hotmail.

Just a note, I celebrate Christmas so I send Christmas cards. I am perfectly well aware that many of you celebrate Yule or Solstice or Hanukkah and I’m still sending you a Christmas card. I think everyone on here is understanding enough to know that I am sending affection and good wishes for whatever mid-winter holiday you do celebrate- I just can’t afford lots of individual cards. If it’s going to offend you to get a Christmas card instead of one geared to the specific holiday you celebrate, please let me know.

Originally, I titled this X-posting. I think somebody (possibly me, possibly not) should actually write an entry about X-posting but this is not it. I don’t know if I actually have enough thoughts about it to write an entry.

Emily and I are always looking for insults that will not get her in trouble at school (it’s always good, at 14, to have a retort at hand for mean people) and we came up with a good one: “You’d starve a zombie!” Just in case someone else needs something good to say that won’t get you in trouble.

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