Day 1448 Poor Pixel!

I had to take Pixel to the vet today.

He was constipated badly- to the point of no longer being able to go at all. Which I guess is what he was trying to tell me by pooping right in front of me last Friday night- “Mom, I’m having a REAL hard time going- help!”

A simple enema didn’t do it- his entire colon was impacted- so the vet had to put him to sleep and clean him out. (The anesthetic was so he was not moving or badly upset by the more intrusive enema). He’s home now and, other than being angry at me, he seems to be doing well… except that he’s hiding so it’s hard to tell.

He did, however, yell at me the whole way home in the car- so good to have him full of piss and vinegar instead of full of shit!

He should be fine now. Other than the problem, his health is quite good- blood work is good etc. So he’s a lot healthier than I thought!

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