Day 1447

I didn’t get any quilting done yesterday and yet I feel very accomplished. All my gifts are wrapped, my cards written and my packages ready to mail Saturday. And the laundry is done if not folded. The only thing I might still do is to bake the girls some cookies- which is the fun part of Christmas, not the dreading part.

Pixel is doing pretty well- he’s being very sticky and following me around and every time I stop for a second, he’s getting petted. He seems to like pumpkin (which the vet told me to feed him) and I’m going to try to get him some baby food and see if he’d like to try eating that. So far I haven’t seen him drinking but they gave him fluids yesterday, he may not have been thirsty yet.

My handyman will be here tonight to consult about putting up the lamp post and fixing the faucet. I’ll be glad to get both of them done.

Ok- off to work we go!

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