Day 1445

I had to explain to Emily today that we are, in fact, poor. She had a hard time wrapping her head around the concept because we don’t feel poor. So now she wants me to teach her every thing I do to make us feel and seem well off on little money.

I call this a win.

But really, we have every thing we need and most of the things we want. A major medical issue would devastate us… but that’s true of all but the 1%. We have enough to give to others and adopt stray animals and be generous and kind… which is a luxury I would not want to be without. And we never have to make the hard choices about electricity or food- we can have both.

Part of it is that I have been very very very lucky… and part of it is good management. I can teach her the management- I hope she will have the luck. But either way, I’m glad she wants to learn how to make less stretch further- that’ always a good skill to have.

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