Day 1444

Mom’s in the hospital. Her shoulder was dislocated and has been put back but they want to keep her tonight and talk over physical therapy options tomorrow. We will also have to talk about care options as I can’t take 4 to 6 weeks off work and she will need help with everything from going to the bathroom up.

Personally, I think she needs to be in a nursing home for now and assisted living when she’s better. It won’t make her happy but it would be safer.

I was up until 1 and back up at 5… and I got home about 2 hours ago. The handymen were here and I have a faucet and a lamp post but pictures will have to wait. After I cleaned the kitchen all up, I’m too ragged to take them tonight. Emily tried to help but she forgot to feed Honey, fed Miss Fuzz two days worth of canned food and no dry food and let Bitsy eat the cat food so that Bitsy did not get her own food and the cats had to be fed again. (Which she did… she was just confused about Miss Fuzz’s special diet.) But she did supervise the handymen and make dinner for herself etc… and the only reason she did not have a shower before I got home is that the handymen had turned off the water.

Cudos to Em… and bah on Mom who is, I think, mad that I didn’t stay at the hospital with her.

I’m going to bed now- I’ll answer comments asap… but it may be awhile!

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