Day 1440

Mom was released from the hospital yesterday and I gave her a ride to the nursing home. How she managed to find a private room at the nursing home closest to us on such short notice is a mystery to me, but she did. It’s the one she had Grandmother at so I know she likes it… and her room is really nice- not at all like a hospital.

Unfortunately, Emily had her chorus concert last night. I say unfortunately because she could not tell me when she needed to be at school until after I got home from work yesterday. If she’d been able to tell me even as late as that morning, I could have gone and gotten Mom moved and settled before 5- I would have had to leave work early but work has known that was a possibility all this week and I could have done it- and then taken her to her concert and actually attended. As it was, I took her and dropped her off, went and got Mom moved and then got back just as the concert was breaking up.

Other than the goof on scheduling, Emily’s really been good about all this. And Eliz offered to come live with Mom until she was better, which was very kind of her. Mom decided of her own accord that she needed more help than we could provide here, which is a blessing. She really does but I was afraid she would be hard to convince.

I’ll try and take pictures and update about other things tonight- but don’t hold me to it! I’ve been a very very tired person this week.

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