Day 1439 Christmas

I’ve been promising pictures of the new lamppost and the faucet and then getting home too late to make the lamppost one. If it’s dark, all you see is a really bright bluish light in the photo. So here they are!


new faucet

With everything that has been going on, I have been less than enthusiastic about decorating for Christmas. Most of the time, we decorate over at Mom’s and that was going to be less than usual this year as it will only be Mom, Eliz, Em and me. And then Mom went to the nursing home where she will have to be over Christmas… so I ditched all decorating plans.

And found myself feeling very depressed and horrible… and suddenly realized that I don’t have to. Em and I can decorate our house and nobody has any right to tell us not to. Christmas is all about the tree like Thanksgiving is all about the turkey (and dressing for me) so we must have a tree. We’re going to get one this afternoon and decorate it this evening- I made a place for it and decorated the table and hung the stockings on the cabinets… and suddenly it feels like Christmas at last!


It’s really not fair to Emily not to make Christmas- she’s still a kid and kids should have Christmas movies and music and a tree and stockings… and all the things that make it feel like a special time of year. And it was making me sad to practically not celebrate Christmas this year so today we will decorate the tree and then next Saturday we will bake mounds of cookies. I’m planning chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut butter temptations, decorated sugar cookies, kiss cookies, heath bar cookies and Touch-of-Gold Christmas trees. Eliz will get a box of assorted cookies to take home and the rest of them are for me and Em and anyone who comes for a Christmas visit.

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