Day 1438

Christmas tree

So we got the tree and it’s decorated… no lights because it’s so very dry but it was $5 at Walmart- what can you expect? It looks really more like a Christmas bush than a tree So far, the cats are leaving it completely alone- which is a wonder.

Yesterday I made the Touch of Gold Christmas Tree cookies. No pictures of them as they did not turn out so well. It’s the first time I ever used a cookie press and something was a bit off. Maybe I need more flour or something but they spread too much and wouldn’t come off the press like they should have. We’re making so many cookies, I thought it would be better to spread it out a little and make some this weekend and some through the week as well as next Saturday.

Today I’m planning to take Emily to see the matinee of the new Sherlock Holmes movie and then come home and make peanut butter temptations and watch the rest of White Christmas.

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