Day 1437 On processes

Christmas continues. Yesterday I baked peanut butter temptations and heath bar cookies. The heath bar recipe needs some tweaking- maybe margerine instead of butter. While I was baking, I watched the rest of White Christmas which is one of the definitive holiday movies for me. (And, just as an aside, why is the kitchen sink always too small to wash cookie sheets? I want to know.)

Mom continues to improve- I just hope that the progress she has made doesn’t disappear when she comes home.

Tonight will be more baking (Snickerdoodles) and The Holiday which is a recent movie but I’m loving it none the less. In line for the rest of the week are such things as It’s a Wonderful Life, The Polar Express and The Nutcracker on Christmas eve. Emily has never seen A Christmas Story so I will have to work that one in somewhere.

After I get home from work and visiting with Mom, Willie is supposed to be here to fix the library window. One of the hanging loops on my leaded glass panes broke and we have to figure out how to create a frame to hold the leaded glass in the window. The lead is just too soft for the weight.

I also took Emily to see Game of Shadows yesterday which I did not find as good as the first Sherlock movie but a good one none the less. We rarely go to the movies so when we do, it’s an event. I don’t think, with that ending, that it will be the last Sherlock movie at all.

I also talked to zenkitty last night. I shouldn’t have talked so long- I’ll be short on sleep today and not happy with the phone bill this month- especially after the long distance calls to update everyone on Mom’s condition- but I consider it a Christmas gift to myself. There is nobody in the world that I would rather talk to for hours- she’s such a constant source of delight.

One of the subjects that came up was also obliquely addressed in a friend’s lj-entry this morning. To whit: the journey is the point- not the destination. It seems to me that we as a society have forgotten this basic truth. We rush rush rush to get where we are going, we spend a large portion of our lives wishing for a point later to come- why? We are all going to end up in the same place- are you really in such a hurry to get there? I’m guilty of it too but my new year’s resolution is going to be teaching myself to enjoy the process instead of rushing to get to the end result.

I’ve been doing that with Christmas- maybe I have done that all along with Christmas. It would explain why I was so very sad when I considered taking that process of ‘making Christmas’ away from myself as an effort to have less work. I have too much on my plate already- I always do- but things are on my plate because I enjoy them and if I try to make it smaller, I get upset because I am taking away things I like. The only thing I could really do without are the doctor visits that have been so frequent of late- I do not like my family being injured or ill.

Quilting is the same way for me- I like the actual process of quilting. I like having the finished quilt and it’s always a burst of accomplishment when I finish one… but I’m not in any real hurry because I like the work as well. If I needed a blanket in a hurry, I could always buy one for a lot cheaper and it would be done. It’s not as important to be done with the quilt as to be working on it.

I’m not expressing myself very well. This should be a nice tight post with well crafted sentences and moving logically from one point to the next and I am too tired to write it up with the precision I should. So instead it’s a bit mushy and stream-of-consciousness. Maybe when I am less tired, I will come back to this idea and write a proper essay- this is more notes on the thoughts.

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