Day 1435

Ok, synopsis in a hurry because I am hella tired and should already be in bed.

Company at work today. Manager so stressed he was pushing even though I was ahead of my schedule. I told him to back off, he was making me feel like stabbing him with my BIG knife (BIG knife is BIG)

Shopping after work- Christmas gift for the handyman… who didn’t show last night but I’m ok with that. I really didn’t want to deal with the window until after the first of the year. He gets a ham instead of cookies or a fruit cake because he never seems to eat enough.

Visit to Mom. She is visibly improving every day. Walking without holding on to anything and standing up without pushing up with her arms.

Home to feed animals and make dinner. Also folded Mom’s laundry and did ours. And put a roast in the crock pot for tomorrow night.

Cookies! Two batches tonight- Chocolate chip with so many chips in them that you can’t not get chocolate on your fingers eating one and the aforeposted Vanilla-Cherry Flowers. My plates are getting so full I’m considering skipping the gingerbread men.

Now shower and off to bed with me- I’m exhausted.

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