Day 1432 Christmas Eve

I know, I know- I am up far too early. Bitsy woke me up at 5 am insisting that she had to go out. As a matter of fact, she didn’t- so I made her stay outside for an hour. Maybe next time she won’t insist on getting up before dawn if she doesn’t actually have to go.

I was going to do sugar cookies last night and spend the day decorating them after we finished the Saturday chores. I didn’t.

First, I had some packages to wrap. I called zenkitty and she had packages to wrap also so we turned on speaker phones and had a wrapping party. That doesn’t sound like much but when we were growing up, speaker phones were something you saw on TV, you didn’t have one and you didn’t know anyone who did. Charlie talking to the Angels was neat- the phone was a speaker! So that chore got done.

By the time we were finished, I was so wiped out that I just fell into bed. Sugar cookies will have to be next year and I have learned my lesson- do them first instead of last!

So today will be the Saturday chores- recycling, dishes, laundry- and a visit to Mom with the added fun of distributing holiday cookies. I made plenty so my gift plates are really full- they just would have been prettier if I’d decorated the gingerbread men and made some christmas trees and santa clauses to go in them before I got cookied out.

This afternoon and evening, I’ll watch Christmas movies, ending with Barishnikov’s Nutcracker and work on my Don’t Go Out A-Lone Star quilt. I won’t get it done, but I may come very close- the evil kitty boarder is a lot faster than the others. It’s not as ‘Christmas-y’ a day as decorating sugar cookies would have been but I’ve been running past full speed for over a week and I need the down time.

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