Day 1430

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Ours was not bad… except that Emily got sick to her stomach and Mom was not feeling too good. I’m not sure what was up with Emily- she seemed fine later in the day. Maybe just too many sweets? I’m not sure but I don’t think I should run her to the doctor for a single isolated episode.

Elizabeth stayed most of the day and she and Emily only bickered a little bit and mostly in fun. She made a lovely pasta salad for dinner- and Emily had ravioli instead.

As usual, our collective loot was mostly books with some music (for Eliz) and a couple of movies (for me). My friend Sandra quoted a poem about the ideal balance of gifts:
Something you want
Something you need
Something to wear
Something to read

We skipped the ‘something to wear’ and ‘something you need’ categories, mostly. The girls and Mom had hand sanitizer and fancy lotion and Emily got plain hoop earrings and a necklace so maybe those count. But we always hit the ‘something to read’ category hardest in my family- it usually overlaps the ‘something you want’ category by a substantial amount.

Eliz was not able to buy gifts this year so she brought the pasta salad for dinner- it was delicious- she’s learning to cook, finally. She also made me stop on the way home from Gram’s and vacuumed out my car for me which were two gifts that I really valued above something she could have bought and not afforded.

One of the books that Eliz got is called Flatland which I had never heard of before. She was outlining the concept of the book to Mom and Mom told her that she had read it (!!!), Dad had a copy. I picked it up with every intent of reading just a little bit… and had to force myself to drop it until after Eliz went home. She took it with her, of course, so I went to Amazon to see how expensive a copy would be… and the kindle edition is free! So I picked up a copy and finished reading it. It’s an excellent satire.

I also noticed that there were a fair number of other books available for free so I picked up six more: Utopia, The Red House Mystery, Thw Woman in White, The Decameron, King Solomon’s Mine and the Book of Tea. I haven’t read any of them and I’ve been curious about the Haggard series- this is a free way to discover if I like them at all. Utopia and the Decameron are classics and I am remiss in having not read them before now. The Red House Mystery is an adult A A Miline- I’m curious to see what his other writings are like. The Woman in White is apparently a classic mystery- again I am curious and they’re free!

In case you’re wondering- no, I haven’t caved and gotten a Kindle. There is a ‘Kindle for PC’ program available from Amazon for free and one book I want to read and one book Emily wants to read are only available in Kindle format.

I didn’t sleep well last night. Since I don’t have to be at work for two more hours, I think I may lay down a catch a nap before I go in.

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